10 Aug 2011

7 real life SuperHeroes who could save us from the England Riots.


In neighbourhoods across London and the latest cities to be subject to this crime, people are uniting in the cause to defend their communities from these thugs. But the answer is not just in picking up arms to protect ourselves from harm, theft and vandalism. It is the duty of friends, parents, siblings and other relatives to appeal to the human side which exists in all those that chose to take up crime.

And from us all there may emerge superheroes. Masked vigilantes, who will use powers of reasoning & persuasion, or simply frighten the shit out hooded thugs, that they might be deterred from evil. Dark knights, like the ones you will read about in this post, who will once again let us see the light.

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10 May 2011

Google announces ‘Music Beta’ cloud based service.

It’s been a long time coming, but today google has announced ‘Music Beta’, it’s very own music service wich will allow users to upload their music collections and stream them to their computer and mobile devices from the cloud.

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17 Feb 2011

Stuff the Brits, I’m giving out my own Award.

If Tennent's made Music Awards

The British Music Industry has for some time been taken over by stuffy suits, spoon feeding addictive, sugary and fatty junk music. The Brit awards are a reflection of that culture.

So I say sod it, I’m giving out my own award. The Dave Prize.

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06 Sep 2010

7 Reasons why Apple’s Ping is totally SHIT.

7 Reasons why Apple’s Ping is totally SHIT.

Apple unveil Ping, A social network for music. But how social is Itunes social network? Here are 7 reasons why I think it is totally Shit.

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10 Aug 2010

Spoof Newport State Of Mind removed from YouTube following EMI DMCA take-down.

EMI will not allow parodies of their copy-righted material without a fight. Youtube ordered to take down Newport State of Mind.

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