The Brit awards were on the other night. Hard to miss if you are in the UK. In case you are not, the Brits is a British music award ceremony.

Thing is… they are very little to do with music and more to do with popularity.

The awards are handed out to the most commercial artists. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if sales numbers reflected musical talent.

While teenage girls and the lesser musically informed among us might be pleased that  Take That and Justin Bieber receive awards for “Best Group” and “Best International Breakthrough Act”, the rest of us have to wonder whether the musical champions of Afghanistan might be more suited to our tastes.

But we can sit and moan about the commercial nature of our music Industry, or we can do something to reward good music.

So I say, stuff the Brits, I’m giving out The Dave Prize.

better than brit award Stuff the Brits, Im giving out my own Award.

I was gonna use one of my nice Belgian beers, but I thought the shinny chrome of a tin of T would be more appropriate (maybe I can get Tennent’s in as a paying sponsor next year).

As well as being a coveted musical accolade, The Dave Prize is also a refreshing beverage. Two things a Brit award will never be.

The criteria for selection is simple… I will pick the best musical artist or group of 2010, according to me. That’s it.

I will mull it over for the next few hours, but the votes have kinda been counted. I know what I like, so barring some unforeseen mind-control incident, there should be little controversy in the result.

Please let me know your suggested nominations… they might make it into the short-list.

Just don’t moan when your favourite doesn’t win the prize, it’s my award! You can always give out your own.

The nominations and winner will be announced in another post, so if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe for updates.

The Dave Prize will be sent to the winner after the announcement…

Apologies for the lack of glamorous event – maybe next year. No red carpet though, just a few jars in the local boozer. Maybe get the land lady to announce the winner out of a fancy sealed envelope.


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IreneFebruary 18, 2011 1:23 am

Excellent idea Dave. May I suggest adding Arcade Fire, The XX and Crystal castles to your shortlist.
And seeing as the Brits didn’t have an Outstanding Contribution award this year, perhaps an additional prize?

dave February 18 2011 19:28 pm

All excellent suggestions Irene.

I like the idea of the outstanding contribution award, but that would require another beer and I was planning on having the rest of them tonight.

We'll do that another time.

LisaFebruary 18, 2011 9:11 am

Not sure he is your cuppa tea Dave but Bruno Mars has done a pretty good job this year.
Talented singer & songwriter … we we like him even if you dont ; )
… I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen … : )

dave February 18 2011 19:28 pm

Your spot-on Lisa. Not really my cup of tea.

honestjayFebruary 20, 2011 10:11 am

brits? give me peace, that aint no music award ceremony…

take that…miming tw*ts that should have left music alone after their first foray back in the day and continued working in newsagents…

justin beiber…miming f*d, jesus, who aint even got a pube yet….media had cheek to compare his following outside to “bealtlemania”…what an insult to paul…

if it aint pearl jam, i aint voting! liked some of bon iver’s stuff too, glad soundgarden back together, heres hoping for pearl jam and soundgarden on the same gig list this year…i will die a happy mother fucker chamone.

dave February 23 2011 21:36 pm

Jay... if I decide to award a Dave for life-time achievement, the winner is an easy one.

Count me in on the PJ/Soundgarden tour if it happens.

Andrew BurnettFebruary 23, 2011 10:03 pm

I nominate:

Lady Gaga for “Top TV on TV”
Justin Bieber for “Deserves a skelp more than Gadhaffi”

I have more, but I fear that your audience is not ready for the full extent of my pottymouthed indignant rage ;)

dave February 23 2011 22:22 pm

Don't hold back, Andrew...

I only censor the rudest words for female genitalia. Muff and Fanny are more than acceptable.

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